Family Travels
Almalfi Coast
There is no way that the pictures do it justice.

It is simply too grand...too impressive...
to capture on film.

We spend 8 hours driving the twisty, jaw-dropping
heights, cliff hanging roads...visiting the cute little
towns of Positano, Almalfi, Ravello and a longer
drive down to the Greek ruins of Paestum.

If visiting Italy...This is a MUST See!
We pose with Tony, our driver,
overlooking Sorrento
We cannot strongly enough recommend hiring the
Monetti family as your personal drivers as the best
experience in seeing the Almalfi Coast.  Once
again, Rick Steves' travel book was a lifesaver in
recommending this option.

Simply contact Carmine (who Rick Steves'
perfectly describes as a "jolly, singing,
in-love-with-life grandfatherly type who speaks
inventive "English"

Tony, the son-in-law, was our guide for the day.  
He picked us up at our hotel in a air conditioned
van and took us on a adventure of a lifetime as
photographer, tour guide, driver and friend.  He
made it one of the best experiences of our lives.

Don't try doing this by rental car.
Trust us--the roads are twisty and are at Stomach
dropping heights.
Leave the roads, filled with tourists and buses to
professionals like the Monetti family

Carmine also pick us up on the last day, providing
a "taxi" service from Sorrento to Naples for our
plane flight.
We enjoyed a two hour stop at Pompeii on the way
Carmine's cell 338-946-2860
Posing with Carmine
at the Airport
A quick rain shower
kept us from fully
enjoying this little
Spend more time here.  Get
lost, exploring the town
following the pedestrian
street uphill.

We enjoyed exploring and
eating our way through this
town.  Dad found foccia
bread and Amanda found her
favorite meringues
A quick rain shower
kept us from fully
enjoying this little
Camo Cameos
We lucked into this one...and felt a little stupid
that we were so uneducated.  We are exploring
Ravello and see this little workshop right beside
the cathedral pictured above.

Camo is famous in all of Italy for his wonderful
He has designed personal cameo pieces for the
Pope, First Lady Clinton, Sophia Loren... now the
Swanson family.

Seriously, if you want the best cameo at the best
price...find this treasure
Famous for it's cameos
But we loved its little piazza
and cathedral
Greeks founded this ancient city
in the sixth century B.C.
and was conquered by the
Romans in the 3rd century B.C.

Rediscovered in the 18th century
under swamp land it is
wonderfully preserved

If you want to see ancient Greek
ruins outside of Greece...this
excursion is worth the effort.
Date Visited -- 2007