Family Travels
We made two cruise trips to Antiqua in 2005...
One at Spring Break and one was a 11 night
Christmas cruise. We also visited on our spring
break cruise in 2007.

We have never actually visited the island as we
have gone  boating or sailing each you
can see from the pictures we love Antigua's
beautiful blue water
Dates Visited --
Mar 2005, Dec 2005, 2007
Our first trip was a
boating and snorkeling
Our Captain, Mango
Ahhh...our favorite thing to do
Our second trip was a
sailing/snorkel trip on a
beautiful catamaran
We Love Sailing in Antigua
Ok, ok...We love sailing and
snorkeling in Antigua so we did
the same thing again in 2007
The Crew grills fish and chicken for lunch