Family Travels
We have been to Austria four times...once in 1990 and
again in 2001 with the kids...both times staying in
Salzburg.  In 2008, we spent four days in Vienna
exploring that wonderful city.  In 2009, Rick and the
college kids spent time in Hallstadt and the Lake

If you can go to Austria...start with Salzburg.
You will love Salzburg....probably one of the most
kid friendly places

Tour the Salt Mines wearing white overalls...and ride a
train into the caves and slide on long wooden slides to
change levels...just like the old miners.

Visit Hellbrunn Palace..The water gardens are filled with
trick fountains...squirting you with water from deer
antlers, caves, sidewalks...loads of fun

Salzburg has a "cool castle" and museum
My son loved the medieval weapons

The Sound of Music Tour should not be missed!
You will be singing along...
("Doe...a deer...a female deer")

Explore the Old sausages at the open air
stands...Buy some fresh strawberries at the market.
Take the kids to beer hall and feel completely
comfortable and safe.

Enjoy Salzburg...we did and plan to again!
Dates  Visited --
1990, 2001, 2008, 2009
Vienna is a wonderful cosmopolitan town.  Whereas
Salzburg might be great for small kids, Vienna is
fantastic for teenagers who might appreciated a little
culture and fun.

The Rathaus and it's food stalls with nighttime movie
operas is fun.  The five main museums of the Hofburg
are interesting.  The city is fun to walk and explore.  Get
some pastries...stop for a beer break.

Take in an Opera.  See the Lippzanner Spanish Horses,
Attend a musical concert in a church,  Walk the
Gardens, Go to Nauschmarkt and give them some
money and let them try new foods.

Spend a morning at the churches....then the afternoon at
Prater Park.
Visit the House of Music in the evening or attend a
musical concert in a church.

There is so much to see and dol