Family Travels
Our experience in Belgium is limited to 2 one day trips to
Brugge (from our home base in Beaufort, France) and one
overnight before catching an international flight home.

But what we saw of Brugge, we loved!
We would love to go back and spend some more time

Lace is hand knitted there and a good souvenir buy.
Chocolate is wonderful...and is prized as a fresh
commodity that it is sold dated like cheese.
The Beer is the best!
and the Mussels....oh, the mussels....are so good!
Even if you have never tried them before (or even if you
have and thought "yuck"--you owe it to yourself to eat
mussels in Belgium
The best way to see Brugge
is by canal boat cruise.
Not real educational, but alot
of fun trying to reach out and
touch the low bridges
Erica loves her side order of the original "french" fry.  They are
actually a Belgian creation
We have stopped here twice for
discount chocolates.
Oh, The Chocolate!
....aisles & aisles of pure
Belgian Chocolate
 --Brent, age 10
We love this little restaurant cafe...we have eaten here twice
The best mussels in town
Old Brugges Bistro and Brassiere
Old Brugges Bistro & Brassiere
Huidevettersplein 6
Vismarkt 7
(050) 330.332
Date Last Visited --
1990, 2001, 2002