Family Travels
Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre as a Day Trip
In 2004, We day-tripped in from Nice...(ok, that was a little crazy...we
thought one or two was four HOURS  each way)

We arrived at Riomaggiore and could not find any we
drove onto Manarola.
We had a great lunch in Manarola and a swim in the Med Sea....then
took a ferry....cruised past Corniglia...and ended in Vernazza.

We enjoyed appetizers and wine while the kids ran around.....The
we walked up through town, got some ice cream and took the train
back to Manarola to pick up the car.

On the way home (to Nice) we stopped at Portofino for dinner....It
was a wonderful town that deserved more than an hour of our time
Camere Rooms de Martina Callo
Very basic and up 5 or more steep
flights of stairs
No view...until you step out the front
door...then you are on the central
square overlooking the Med.
The Cinque Terre
(pronounced CHINK-weh TAY-reh)
is part of the Italian Riveria
...its own little slice of paradise.

This region is so highly is now a
national park.  The little villages of Monterosso al
Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and
Riomaggiore are accessible by hiking, local train
or by ferry.  Do the ferry for at least one travel for
the amazing views and photo ops.

This is Germany's favorite vacation will
hear as much German as Italian.

The beach are not quite "sandy"...but the
Mediterranean Sea is yours to swim.
The villages are colorful and cute.
The food and wine is plentiful and tasty.

Spend a few days here and you will know peace.
Location, Location, Location
For Dinner with a View you will never
forget...try Belforte Restuarant on the
harbor of Vernazza
Reservations recommended.
We purchased a Cinque Terre Card to enter
the national also includes free
transport on the local trains and the
required hiking permint for the trails.
Hiking and Exploring
the Cinque Terre
**Train from Vernazza to Riomaggiore
**Explore Riomaggiore and get picnic supplies
**Hike from Riomaggiore to Manarola--Breakfast Picnic
**Explore Manarola--Lemon Grove and Vineyard Hike
**Train from Manarola to Monterrosso
**Swimming,Late Lunch and Shopping in Monterosso
**Train from Monterosso to Vernazza
**Take a quick swim....shower
**Dinner on main square of Vernazza
**Walk empty town at night...Enjoy gelato
From the harbor, follow the path on the
right around the cliff for the most
amazing swimming experience in the
Italian Riviera.
Daddy, Brent, Erica and Amanda
enjoy a swim.  WOW!
An Amazing Day on the Italian Riviera.
We woke early and took the train from Vernazza down to
Riomaggiore (buying our Cinque Terre card which provides
free local trains and a hiking permit for the trails)

We grabbed breakfast at a local bakery and headed out for
a hike along  the coast from Riomaggiore to Manarola
...stopping to picnic along the cliffs

In Manarola, we explored the town.  One of the highlights
of the trip was a walking tour through the grape vineyards
and lemon groves  high above the town...don't miss this
adventure from Rick Steve's guidebook.

We also stopped for a deep water swim in Manarola

Then we split up.  Dad and Brent enjoyed a wonderful
afternoon diving off the coast from Manarola.  Amanda and
Mom took the train to Monterosso and spend a few hours
swimming at the beach...then shopping the  little old town.
We stop for dinner
The dreaded stairs...after a long
day of sightseeing.
Vernazza is very cute little town.
During our first trip there in 2004,
we simply sat along the waterfront and
had some wine while the kids played.

We decided to make this town our
home base during our stay in 2007
By Night, the town empties and the
locals come out to play.
Swimming in the Med!
In 2004 on our drive from
Cinque Terre to our home
base in Nice, we stopped
in Portofino for dinner.  
This cute little town
deserved more of our
time...Perhaps next time!
Dates Visited -- 2004, 2007