Family Travels
Our family went to Cozumel, Mexico on a
cruise in 2001.  We visited Xcerat...which we
highly recommend.  It is an
ecological/archeological park and is beautiful,
peaceful and full of fun things to do.

Mom has also been to Cozumel  seven times
on her once a year women's cruise and trips
with her friend Abby.
So there are reviews of her favorites.
Gardens, wildlife,
beautiful lagoons,
rivers and streams.  Kids
will love exploring.
The Mayan ruins are
"awesome" and
there is even a lazy river
you can snorkel .
Date Last Visited           -- 2001
Date Mom's Last Visit   -- 2008
Playa Mia Grand Resort

A great beach...we did as an
excursion through the cruise
line...also offered on Shoretrips.

The Beach provides chairs and
umbrellas and snorkel gear
Some packages include lunch and
open bar.
Parasailing, bungee jumping, floating
icebers, banana boats and more

I have used this beach club 4 times.
Click Here for a  Map
of the Beach Resort
Fury Catamaran Sail/Snorkel/Beach
Excursion offered by the Royal
Caribbean cruise line is a lot of fun.

I have done this three times with our
women's group.