Family Travels
Cruise Spring 2005
Seven Night Western Caribbean
Seven  Night Southern Caribbean
Celebrity's Constellation

San Juan, Puerto Rico
Day at Sea
Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic
St. Thomas
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Our third cruise we booked with exciting
destinations in mind.  This is one of our
favorite cruises....probably because it
was our first trip to Antigua and
Barbados, which we love.

And we really fell in love with
Grenada...the island and the people.

And renting our own boat in St. Thomas
was an experience of a lifetime.
Now this is what cruising is all about.
We took the Best of Barbados tour offered
by Shoretrip and it was amazing.

It included a drive to the interior to
Harrison Caves, a trip to the coast of
Bathsheba, A stop at the Animal Wildlife
Preserve to see the green monkeys and a
Snorkel with the Seas Turtles
Our waiter at dinner described Grenade as "de nada"
so we didn't know what to expect...
But we fell in love with Grenada
The tropical island had been hit hard by a hurricane
and most of the island was still suffering in poverty....
But the beauty of Grenada and the friendliness of the
people overwhelmed us

Celebrity's Constellation
Erica takes a Scuba Diving
Lesson onboard the ship
Erica takes a Scuba Diving
Lesson onboard the ship
Erica takes a Scuba Diving
Lesson onboard the ship
We have now sailed in Antigua
three times...
St. Thomas
We rented our own powerboat
and took to the seas with a
marine map.  Don't try this
unless you have boating
experience...but they do offer
private captains for the day

After a quick stop at the marina
for picnic supplies, We spent a
whole day boating, snorkeling
and exploring the hidden coves
The pictures say it all.
Blue Skies and incredibly blue water
We love sailing in Antigua

This was our first trip here....but we now
consider it one of our favorite islands.
Suki in the Martini Bar
helped train Tom Cruise for
his role in the movie?
We loved our waiters
Pawel and Nicolai
(from Bulgaria)
We still have their emails
Our first trip to San Juan,
Puerto Rico and our first stay
at the Embassy Suites. When
flying to San Juan, it is usually
cheaper to go a day before or
stay a day later to avoid the
cruising crowds. Of course,
there is the cost of a hotel
stay...but when buying five
tickets for our family, we
usually come out ahead.
For more info, check out the
Puerto Rico webpage
We meet the Dillon Family
from Canada....we still email
them today.
Puerto Rico
We love staying at this hotel
Embassy Suits Isle Verde

A wonderful pool,
Outback restaurant
and casino
Afternoon Cocktail reception
Full Breakfast

Two blocks from the beach.
Casa de Campo
This port of call is really a
dock at a local resort...with
only resort activities to offer.
We did take an excursion --a  
long boat ride out to a private
island that was little more
than sand and water