Family Travels
We have been to Germany extensively twice with the
kids and once in 1990 backpacking as a couple.

In 2001 (marked in red) We entered Germany from
France and went to Baden Baden....then took a
leisurely drive toward Trier and the Mosel Valley
before entering Luxembourg back to France.  We
also visited Munich for a half day on a plane lay-over.

In 2002, (marked in blue) we flew into Munich and
spent three days there at the beginning of our
trip....we sidetracked to spend three days in
Rothenburg....then headed down into Bavaria to see
the castles and sights.

Then we home based in Lindau on Lake Constance day trip into Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

In 2009, our two college kids extended their stay with
couple of extra day in Munich...the first time they
have traveled along in Europe.   They survived three
days of beer halls just fine.  I think they also visited
the Olympic Park and Dachau.

Germany is one our favorite countries.
We love their food--Beer, pretzels, sausages, wurst,
kraut and spatzl....yum

But we love the easy going, friendliness of the people
Mosel Valley
Visit to Germany 2001
Visit to Germany 2002
Dates Visited --
1990, 2001, 2002,2009