Family Travels
Grand Cayman
Sting Ray City is THE excursion....almost all
snorkeling/sailing trips have a stop here.

Mom has been twice...once pictured here in 2001 and
again in 2009 when the water was so rough is was over 5
feet with swells big enough to body surf.

Don't bother going if the water is rough.
Dad got to have an experience of a lifetime.
An exclusive (and expensive) shore excursion
offered by Royal Caribbean...only two people
can book this each time.

You descend 800 feet in a mini research sub
down the Cayman Wall to the sea floor and
slowly ascend.

One of his favorite experiences.
Date of Last Visit -- 2003
Date of Mom's Visits--2001,
2003,  2007, 2008, 2009
In Sept 2007, Mom went with her friend
Abby on the National Conference Cruise
for CruiseOne.  Royal Caribbean hosted a
party at the Hard Rock Cafe...
This trip to Grand Caymans is a little fuzzy.
In Jan 2007, Mom went on her annual
girlfriend cruise.  Some friends when to the
Spanish Reef All Inclusive Hotel for a day
at the beach, pool, open bar and buffet.
In Jan 2009, Mom went on her annual
girlfriend cruise.  The Three Stop Snorkel
catamaran trip was not canceled due to
rough weather...but should have been.

Don't go to Sting Ray City in rough water.