Family Travels
We LOVE Greece.

Well, of course, we do....we honeymooned there in 1985.
We flew into Athens....saw the big sites....when to Pireaus and
booked a ferry out to the Greek Islands.

We decided to get off at Santorini....for a few days....which turned
into two weeks.  We fell in love with Santorini...which is one of
our most favorite spots in the world.

We swore an oath to return as soon as possible.

It must have been that "honeymoon wine" served by make strong bambinos.
We started our family and it ended our traveling days for a few

Finally, in 2008, we returned and were able to share our joy with
our children.  We have always loved Greek food...and our kids
grew up loving dolmados, tatziki, baklava,
The beauty of Greece is that so much of the excitement is the
ancient sites, which don't change over time.
A Walk Down Memory Lane
Here are similar photos from 1985 and 2008
The only difference is the crowds...I don't think
we look any older