Family Travels
We were surprised to hear our waiter on the cruise describe
Grenada as "de nada" (or nothing)

Yes...In 2005, there was alot of hurricane damage...90% of
their nutmeg crop destroyed and won't recover for 7 years.
Every church and school on the island was badly damaged.
70% of the island had no electricity even 12 months later.
The cruise ships (major part of their economy) stopped
coming for four months.
Yes, the rainforest was stripped of its leaves, homes
damaged beyond repair but still lived in...
Yet the people are friendly and warm

Our guide was fabulous.
Our Shoretrips guide was in a car accident that morning and
was a no show...The tourism people were wonderful...
loaning us phones and helped us find a taxi cab driver who
took us for the day....
Five people for five hours for $75

Cuttie was amazing and really made our day
His love for his island came through and we fell in love with
Grenada and our kids learned an important lesson in life.
Dates Visited --
2005, 2009
If you like ritzy, touristy areas with lots of
shopping...this island is not for you.
However, Grenada was wonderful and still to
the day one of the kids favorite islands
The Port
The Beauty of a Tree stripped of its leaves
showing signs of rebirth
We stop on the side of the
road to learn about vanilla,
bay leaves and more....
and a chance to do a little
shopping to support the
Every leaf from the trees
were stripped.
Every home damaged and
every church destroyed.

How lucky we are to live in
the blessed America and be
able to afford to go on a
vacation cruise
Even destroyed schoolhouses and going to
school in tents does not keep the smiles away

What makes Grenada so special is it people.

We are planning our second trip to Grenada and had
lost Cutties' information....all we had was a first we simply contacted the Board of Tourism
and send a couple of picture to identify him.

Here is the email we received
Edwin Frank
Public Relations Officer
Grenada Board of Tourism

The Grenada Board of Tourism is pleased that your
memories of Cuttie's guidance propelled you to want
his experiences again.  We are happy to let you know
that he can be reached at telephone number
473 407 5153.

You have our best wishes for a safe and enjoyable
trip to this beautiful island, as well as another great
and restful visit,
We spend a great day in Grenada
Cuttie first takes to our waterfall for a visit
and quick swim

Then a drive up to the now leafy rainforest
and we have fun seeing the monkeys and
walking down to the lake crater

We drive around the island and visit a
Nutmeg cool

and end up on the other side of the island
at a restaurant on the beach for some
wonderful food and quiet time.

Quite a relaxing day.
The kids enjoy a quick dip in the pool at the
base of the waterfall.
Cuttie introduces us
to his monkey
What makes Cuttie so
special is his
willingness to explain  
local products

Above:  Nutmeg
Above Right:  Cocoa
Right:  A Cashew Nut
We topped off a wonderful day by
stopping at a local restaurant on
a beach for an amazing fresh fish
lunch....then a quick break on the
What makes Cuttie so
special is his
willingness to explain  
local products

Above:  Nutmeg
Above Right:  Cocoa
Right:  A Cashew Nut