Family Travels
Maui, Hawaii
Mom and Dad enjoyed a week in Maui as part of a business

We stayed at a Marriott (that has since changed management
and name) and the Grand Wailea Resort Hotel and Spa.

Before you go....but the latest edition of Maui Revealed by
Andrew Doughty and use a highlighter and sticky notes to mark
your planned adventures......then explore.
Get ready for alot of vowels in words that are hopeless to
pronounce correctly

We spent a day on a drive to Hana....and further out to Kipalulu
and the Seven Sacred Pools.
Lower Puohokamoa Falls
Ching's Pond...Rick enjoys a dip
into A Favorite Swimming Hole
After mile marker 25, don't miss the drive to Nahiku.  
A beautiful scenic drive through the rain forest to
the coast for some breaktaking views.
Again, I cannot recommend strongly enough that
you buy and follow the
Maui Revealed
Most of these sights are hidden from the is like a treasure hunt.  Read it ahead of
time....Highlight it....Sticky note it.
Follow the map and instructions and you will find

A word of advice...Bring picnic supplies. There
are few places to eat or buy food. Even fewer
restroom options

Also, pass up a few sights and leave something
to see on the way out...
There is only very long road in....
and only one way out.

If you are prone to carsickness, or even if not...
I recommend Bonine or Draminine.
Mama's Fish House
799 Poho Place
Don't even try without a reservation

The most famous and popular place
to eat on the island.
and the prices reflect it.
Close your eyes....point....and enjoy
West Maui
The little "ear" of Maui
We enjoyed one day driving the coast
Just follow Route way in and one way out.
Follow instructions and maps in Maui Revealed.
Dragon's Teeth in Kapalua
The wind and waves have shaped the lava into
amazing formations.
Don't miss this view by being shy.
Follow directions in Maui the golf
course....park...walk along the grass to the coast
Nakalele Blowhole
Required some intense hilly climbing  (1200 feet
from the road and 205 feet below you)
but worth the effort .  
As the waves crash, the water is forced into the
blowhole...sometimes 70 feet into the air
Wailua Falls--mile marker 44
Mushroom Rock offers
some incredible views
The Olivine Pools supposively calm
and relaxing were too wild to enjoy
The Highway to Hana
Follow the section in Maui Revealed that will
give complete instructions on finding these
waterfalls....many of which are not visible from
the road....but easily discovered by a short walk
After mile marker 16, there is a road to the
Ke'anae Peninsula.  There are some
unbelievable view of waves crashing on the
blackest of lava rocks...What make this such a
special place is the BANANA BREAD....probably
the best on the island...sold to tourist and locals
alike in the above shack.

Don't miss it.  Buy twice as much as you think
you can eat.  You will eat it all....and crave more
Skip Hana (the actual little
town)....there is nothing
there....Continue on to The Venus
Pool.  Ignore the "No Trespass"
sign....jump the barbed wire
fence....follow the path through the
field.  We had this pool all to
ourselves.  Although a little
rougher than the pictures in the
book, Rick enjoyed a quick swim
The Seven Sacred Pools are a famous tourist spot
for a day of relaxing swimming and frolicking in the
pools of seven waterfalls.  However, the day we
visited it was more like seven NIAGRA Falls....with
torents of fresh rainwater pouring out to sea.
It was closed due to safety reasons.
No trip to Maui is complete without a
Snorkeling/Diving  trip to Molokini
Crater...and if you are lucky, you might
enjoy some whale watching (right)  
Also, be brave and take surfing lessons
like Rick (pictured left)
The Drive around West Maui is beautiful
as the pictures show.  I am sure The
Highway to Hana would have been equally
beautiful if it hadn't have rained.

Most of the water was too we
missed snorkeling and swimming as we
However, it was a beautiful day.
Get an early start.
Date Last Visited -- 2007