Family Travels
Europe Trip 2001
Things to Do -- Places to See
Lessons Learned
***Pack light....leave dressier outfits at home.    
Travel in neutral clothing.

*** Pace yourself....don't try to do it all...
or the kids get tired and grumpy

***Learn to cannot afford to eat out in
restaurants every night.
           How We Traveled
***Arrived in Paris and used metro for four days

***Rented Car as leaving Paris to drive to
Reims, Baden Baden, Mosel, Northern France,
Brugge Belgium, back to Paris

***Flew from Paris to Munich....then rented a
car to drive to Salzburg for four days

***Flew Munich to Paris--rented car...Visited
Chantilly before flying home to the US
Amanda age 6
World Traveller
***Staying in central Paris on the
Champs Elysees.
***Baden Baden - we love it
***Mosel Valley & our Winery B&B
***Sound of Music Tour
***Hellbrunn Palace and Salt Mines

Don't Do's
The Paris Sewer Tours (not kidding)    
               Try New Foods
***Crepes Suzette and Nutella Crepes in France
***Venison in Germany
***Sausages and wursts in Germany
***Fresh fish from a fish farm for lunch, France
           New Adventures to Try
*****Take the Sound of Music Bus Tour in Salzburg
****Ride the Luges in Salzkammergut --the countryside
outside of Salburg
****Visit Caracalla Therme Baths for an afternoon of fun...
bring swimsuit and a locker.
****Take a boat ride tour of Brugge's Canals
***Go fishing to your lunch at a fishery in France...
**Pick Blueberries behind Salzburg Fortress
***Go to a Beer Hall (with the kids)
France -- Paris and Champagne Region,
Baden Baden and Mosel Valley
Salzburg Austria
Northern France and Brugge, Belgium
In 2001,  Dad was working a project in France
while he was "living" in Paris.

When his project was unexpectedly canceled
we decided to turn the trip into a three week
long vacation.  So we went no plans or
reservations except to visit Salzburg.  We had
already booked a "vacation" of a long four day
weekend to Salzburg and had purchased plane
flights from Paris.  As a result, our itinerary is a
little erratic.

Arriving, with little or no plan, was a little too
free-spirited and as a result, a little stressful to
be finding hotels and visiting tourist info centers
(TI's) late in the afternoon for bookings.

We made plans up as we went.  Literally, buying
maps and tourist books as we traveled.
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Arrive Paris, Stay in La Defense—Jet Lag
Paris Sightseeing – Notre Dame, Pompidou, Saint Chapelle
Paris Sightseeing – Lourve, Les Invalides, Place de Concorde & Ferris Wheel
Paris Sightseeing – Eiffel Tower, Boat Tour, Picnic
Rented a car and drove to Reims, the Champagne region…Stay in Baden Baden
Enjoy strolling the streets of Baden Baden and playing at the Caracalla Therme Baths
Drive toward Mosel Valley…Visit Trier…find incredible B&B and explore a little
Explore Mosel Valley – Bernkastel Kues, Traben Trarbach, Zell, Cochem
Leave…Visit Burg Eltz---Drive through Luxembourg and on to Arras
Day trip to Breck Beach to relax for the day
Day trip to Brugge, Belgium  for chocolate and mussels
Brent’s 10th Birthday…Fishing for lunch
Then to Arras to see the town and do the caves
Plane flights—Paris to Munich…Drive to Salzburg   Go to Augustiner Beer Hall
Salzburg Sights and Sound of Music Tour
Hellbrunn Palace, The Salt Mines, The Lake District and luge
Dad’s Birthday…plane flight and layover for six hours in Munich
Paris—Seine Walk and Sewers and Visit with our friends in Nozay
Visit Chantilly in the morning and plane flight home
France, Germany,
Austria, Belgium
Austrian Countryside
Sound of Music Tour
Austrian Countryside
Sound of Music Tour
Luge Rides in Austria
Fishing for Lunch
in France
Canals of Brugge