Family Travels
Europe Trip 2007
Things to Do -- Places to See
Lessons Learned
***Packing for a cruise and then trying to travel "light" is very hard...had
to take dresses, shoes, formals, bathing suits...etc.
***Bring a spare duffel bag in outside pocket of larger suitcase in case
you are overweight with plane flights
***Everything in Naples is closed on Sunday...if on a a shore
excursions offered.
***We did not do shore excursions...except in Turkey for safety
concerns.  We "did our own thing" and used the ship as a floating hotel
***Prague and Vienna were chilly....bring sweaters and long pants.
***Czech Republic is a travel advice and tips posted on
separate pages about rip-offs and travel concerns
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                How We Traveled
**By Cruise Ship the first 10 nights...In every port, we did
out own thing....only planned shore excursion was Turkey
  **In Athens, we took the Metro
  **In Naples, we took a taxi
  **In Santorini, we used a private driver
  **In Turkey, we booked a bus tour thru the cruise line

**Plan flight from Rome to Praque, CZ
**Train from Praque to Chesky Krumlov
**Private driver from Chesky to Vienna
**Vienna--Metro and trams....private driver to airport
This is the first time we have combined a cruise
with a European Family Vacation.

It was a great way to see Greece and all the
islands...without wasting a lot of money on plane
flights or time on ferries.  We visited Athens,
Turkey, Rhodes, Mykonos and Santorini--five
wonderful destinations in five short days.

It was a wonderful cruise...round trip from Rome.
We then flew from Rome to Prague for a weeks
stay in the Czech Republic...then finished in
Vienna, Austria.  

We accomplished all this travel with NO rental
cars....just creative transportation.
*****Ephesus, Miletus, Didyma
*****Vienna--Love Vienna....Stay at least three full days
****Prague--the buildings, food and sights
 (service, friendliness is * star)
****Rhodes--love this island
***Athens - Acropolis
***Rome (our third time)
**Taormina, Scicily

Don't Dos
Don't go to Naples on a Sunday...EVERYTHING is closed.  
We lost a day of our trip...We did not plan a shore
excursion and thought we could do it on our own....nothing
to see but the Museum

Don't bother with Chesky really doesn't have
much to offer....and it is not worth the time it take to travel
to and from this location.  Time better spent in Prague or
                  Try New Foods
***REAL Greek Food  -Tatziki, Dolmados, Feta, Gyros,
Mousaka, Calmari, Baklava
***Turkish food...humus, cous cous, and so much more
***Veprova s knedlikem a se zelim – pork with dumplings with
***Svickkova na smetane s knedlikem – beef in cream with
dumplings--Chesky Krumlov
Mad arksy gulas s knedlikem (CZ version of goulash)
                New Adventures to Try
*****Donkey Ride up the Stairs at Santorini
**Canoe the Vulta--unfortunately, we didn't get to go
****An Evening at the Rathaus in Vienna for good food, beer
and a movie Opera.
**Scuba Diving in the Aegean Sea
Italy, Greece, Turkey
Czech Republic  Austria
Arrive Rome--Campo dei Fiori walk to Piazza Narvonne...same as 2007
Train to Port of Citivecchia...Board Celebrity's Galaxy cruise ship...Brent's 17th Birthday
Sicily--Shore Excursion through Celebrity to Taromina
Day at Sea
Athens--We got a early start...Visit Acropolis, the Plaka, the Roman Agora, Syntagma Sq
Mykonos--Dad, Amanda and Brent - Scuba Diving  Mom and Erica- shopping & eating
Ephesus--Shore Excursions to Ephesus, Didyma, and Miletus
Rhodes--explored the Palace on our own, shopped, ate and spent an afternoon at the beach
Santorini--Hired a private driver for the day....We saw it all....Thira, Oia, and
Day at Sea
Naples on a Sunday.....everything is closed.  We did see the National Museum with the mosaics
from Pompeii (to tie in our last trip in 2007)
Arrive Rome--private driver to the airport.  Fly to Prague.  Do a little sightseeing at the town sq
Full Day of sightseeing...Town Square, Astronomical Clock, Pinkas Synagogue, Jewish
Cemetery, Ceremonial Hall, Old New Synagogue
Evening--attend Black Light Theater Show
Full Day of Prague--Castle and grounds, St. Vitus Cathedral, Golden Lane, Little Quarter
Leave Prague by Chesky Krumlov  Visit Castle and do Eggenberg Brewery Tour
Evening--nice dinner on river and hung out with the local at a UNESCO fundraiser at a bar
Was to go canoing...but rainy day.  Explored town Snuggled in bed to watch Olympics
Arranged shuttle bus by Pension Vienna  Visit Market   Evening:  House of Music
Start Early at Hofburg Palace --Five Museums  The Imperial Apartments, Treasury and the New
Palace Museums of Ephesus Statuary, Musical Instruments and Medieval Weaponary
Rathaus for lunch, visit Gardens,
Day 2 - Take Tram Tour, St. Stephan's Cathedral, Graben St., Kohlmarket Street,  Kaisergruft,
Rathaus for Movie Opera
Day 3  Lunch at Rathaus Prater Park, Switzerland Fondue dinner, Music concert in church
Fly home from Vienna
10 night Mediterranean Cruise
Rome, Naples Scicily
Greece -Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes
Turkey--Kusadasi, Ephesus
10 nights travel to Czech Republic to
Prague, Chesky Krumlov
Vienna, Austria