Family Travels
Dunn River Falls is "THE" local tourist spot.
Most shore excursions start or end with this climb up the
falls....however, when you have done it once, it is enough.

During our first visit as a family, Dad and Brent did a Catamaran
Sail/Snorkel and Dunn River Falls Combo.  Mom and Erica went
Horseback Riding (shore excursion offered through Royal
Caribbean is good)  Amanda was with a babysitter and sailed to
Dunn River Falls...but too little for the climb

During Mom's other visits, I also did the Dunn River Fall
climb...actually with a bunch of screaming, giggling
can be alot of fun.
I have also visited two all-inclusive resorts.
I highly recommend the Sandals resort.
Date Visited -- 2001
Date of Mom's Visits--
2001, 2007. 2008, 2009
During our 7th Annual Wild
Women Cruise....we booked a
Catamaran Snorkel Sail to Dunn
River Falls through

What was so wonderful was they
took us even though only 8 were
signed up for the trip.

So we had basically a private
boat for the day.
The Horseback Riding Excursion offered through Royal
Caribbean was really well-done.  We were taken to the Polo
Stables (so the horses were in good condition....rode
about 30 minutes to the beach.
removed so you can ride bareback into the water.  I though
they would takes us trotting down the beach...but at the
You are given time to change and the saddles are pictures
show, the horses are actually swimming up to their
necks....It was a great adventure
Amanda buys a horn made
from a conch shell
In Jan 2009, Mom went on her annual
girlfriend cruise.  I highly recommend the
Sandal's Dunn River Falls
All-Inclusive Resort

Great Beach and volleyball court
Wonderful pool and waterfalls
Restaurants and beachside grills
Open Bar.
I would consider staying here for a longer