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Trying new foods
Today, so many children are picky eaters, in some respects it
is due to the choices parents give them.

Our Philosophy--
Don't give them a choice!

We have found that our kids were willing to try new things
when t
hey really don't have any other options.  There may be
no "kid meals" offering chicken nuggets and pizza.
Your Bed & Breakfast may only offer one menu and we insist
that the kids eat the meal offered and not offend our host
In some cases...you may eat at the
only restaurant in the
village--the next nearest might be 30 minutes walk uphill.

You will be surprised at what they will try...
Fencouraged with a smile
Our kids are normal kids...one's favorite food is tacos...the
other chicken nuggets...they love McDonalds...but
Here are some interesting things my kids have tried
* Duck
**Wild Boar Gnocchi
**Salad with Geese Gizzards

New Family Favorites
Cheese Spatzl (Germany)
Tarte Famblee (Alsace, France)
Fondue (Switzerland)
Salad Nicoise (Mediterranean)
Gulassuppe & Oxtail Soup (Germany)
Pesto Pizza (Italy)  and Pistachio Pesto Pasta (Siciliy)
We are big believers in cutting cost where you can.
 Many of our trips are three weeks...you simple
cannot afford to eat out three meals a day.

We find the local grocery stores...buying picnic
supplies -- salami, mustard (which usually comes
in tubes like toothpaste) cheese, yogurts, water,
drink syrups. etc..

We visit the local markets for fruit, produce,
cheese, sausages and bread  and


We have picniced at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, at
11,000 feet in the Swiss Alps,  in front of
castles...even in our hotel room  in bad weather.
Family Travels
Travel Tips
Once You are There
We try to bring one week of clothes.

Usually larger towns will have
self-service laundry centers.

Or, You can ask your B&B host if they
will launder a load of clothes

Or, you can wash in the sink (and use a
hair dryer in a pinch in the morning

Bring old underwear and socks.  Wash
them once on the trip, then throw them
away...leaving room for more
Souvenir Rule

You can buy it
you can fit it in your
(it goes for Mom and Dad too)
Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower
Czech Republic in
the rain
Pont Du Gard, France
Along the River
Swiss Alps...10,000 feet
More Picnic Tips
At your first grocery store, invest in paper plates,
napkins, plastic cutlery and cups.

Buy a cheap cooler (to throw away at the end of the trip)
and refreezeable ice packs

Buy lots of hand-wipes.

Ask your B&B Host  if you can put re-usable freezer
packs in their freezer overnight.

You can always ask...several B&B's provided lunch
service...For a fee, they packed sandwiches, fruit, chips
and drinks in a box lunch for the day

Bring a lightweight blanket with you
We used a blue "Neat Sheet" sold at Walmart
Enjoy every moment.


Have Fun.

Try anything and everything new

One of the first things we do in
arriving in a new country is to visit a
local grocery store.  Buy a
collapsible cooler, refreezable ice
packs, ziploc bags, paper plates,
cups, napkins, plastic cutlery, and
small trash bags.

I sometimes buy a blow dryer or
curling iron at a local store.  Yes, you
can bring your own from the US and
use a converter, but you will find it is
easier to buy a model that uses the
local electrical current and won't
over heat with use.

Also you can save weight in your
suitcases, by buying toiletries
(shampoos, soaps, etc.) there if you
are not picky about the brand.

Calling Cards
Invest in local and international calling
cards.  You  need to call ahead one or two
days to confirm B&B or hotel reservation
and to notify your host if your travel plans
change or you are arriving late.

Again, check around for a "good" card...so
many are rip offs.  Check the number of
minutes, how many "minutes' are actually
used (sometimes a five minute call can use
15 minutes off the card)

Be aware of international calling numbers,
country exchange numbers
(Rick Steves's books are very helpful)

We made our teenage daughter buy her
own calling cards at her expense but we
still had to wait while she phoned home to
the current boyfriend.

Below is a link to You Tube
as Erica explains how to use the calling
card to call her boyfriend

Click here for a fun video on
How to use a calling card

Ticket Prices and Admissions

Every country, city, and sightseeing
attraction has a different meaning of
"adult" and "Children" ticket prices....
based on ages.
(Learn your numbers in the local language)

Also....alway ask for "Family" Tickets...
some places offer a group discount.  
Again, we are a family of five--sometimes
we had to buy the "family ticket" and one
extra admission.
In Europe...it does seem to be the general
rule that a FAMILY only has FOUR people

Finally, if traveling with teenagers....bring
High School ID's and College ID's for
"Student" Discounts
Buy Tourist Discount Cards and Public
Tranportation Passes.

This can save an incredibly amount of money.
Again, do your research before your go.

For example, Venice has a Tourist card that provides free
and discount admission to most sights, and included
transportation on their water bus systems.

The same with Rome...The Roma card provides metro
and bus use, and free admission into the first two sights
and discounted admission after that.  If you plan your
travel to visit expensive sights first....The Coloseum and
Museums (the Forum is free)...You can save money.

The Paris Pass includes the same discounts...but also
includes transportation out to Versailles and pays for
itself  quickly.

Also Salzburg, Dublin, has a great Tourist Cards.

Follow Rick Steves' recommended buys or suggestions
from this website.  Sometimes the packaged plans are
not a good buy.