Family Travels
We did Pisa as a Day Trip.
We left the Cinque Terre by train (from Vernazza, to
La Spezia, to Pisa)....checked our bags at baggage
storage at the train station and took a taxi down to
the Field of Miracles for 4-5 hours.

That is probably all the time that is needed.

What is not pictured is the long, gauntlet of
shopping stalls that line the Field of Miracles...If you
enjoy easy will enjoy the shopping
and the bargains.

We bought pins, patches, leather belts, cheap
plaster of paris "leaning towers", key chains.

We did not actually climb the tower.
Not really interested in that.
However, if you are...put in a reservation early...Get
a entry time and visit the Duomo and Baptistry while
The Duomo
The Required
Tacky Tourist Shots
The Water from the
Fountain in most of
Italy is drinkable...fill
up your water bottles
The Baptistry
Date Visited --  2007
It's fun to watch the crowds
perform their photo op antics