Family Travels
We visited Sicily in 2008 as part of our Mediterranean Cruise

We booked a shore excursion to Taormina through the
cruise line.  It basically provided bus transportation to and you four hours to do the town on your own.

As you arrive, you twist and turn your way to Taormina,
which sits high on a hill overlooking the Med.

The town is fun to explore.
Don't miss Porta Messina Trattoria
(Messina Gate Restaurant) for its awesome pizzas and
pistachio pesto gnocchi.
Shopping the streets is fun!  
We bought pistachio pesto, a
region specialty.
Mom bought some ceramics,
the girls bought jewelry and
Dad bought lunch
Date Visited -- 2008
Port of Messina
Don't miss out on the Eggplant Pizza,
Pizza with Fresh Mozzerella and Basil
and the Pistachio Pesto Gnocci

and the house wine by carafe was good
When we booked the cruise, we were very excited about
visiting Sicily....I really wanted to go to the top of Mt. Etna to
see the lava flows.  Unfortunately, the ship was not in port
long enough for the excursions to the top.

So we will have to plan to return one day for
this adventure.

The photo on the right was taken at sunset
the day we sailed from Messina

On our return trip past Sicily a week later Mt. Etna was
really acting up and the flames of lava could be seen high in
the air...from several miles away at sea.

It was an amazing sight.