Family Travels
St. Maarten

It is the best of both worlds..literally
It is 1/2 Dutch and 1/2 French with two distinct
languages and culture.

We only saw the Dutch side from the overlook.
We loved Mairgot -- the French side--because we
love France.   It didn't take us long to find the
chocolate store and a creperie.  Even the signs
looked familiar
Each kids doing their favorite
Amanda...playing in the sand
Dates Visited --
Dec 2005,   2007, 2009
Yummy ....all of our favorites
We had
Quiche, Croques Mousier
fromage & jambon baquettes
sucre and nutella crepes
What's a little France...without a
Belgian chocolate store.
Fresh Chocolate...YUM!
Each time we visit we find the
same creperie, the chocolate
shop and the little grocery store
for French cheeses

Also, don't miss the open air
craft market down by the marina.
Our first trip to St. Maarten we
booked through
and our guide took us around the
island for several photo taking
stops.  After exploring
Marigot...Mom and the kids spent a
afternoon at the beach while Dad
went Scuba Diving
Our third trip to St. Maarten....
"been there and done that"...

So we decided to split our group
and do something a little different

Dad, Amanda and Brent went on
a scuba diving trip offered by
Shoretrips.....Mom opted for a
day at the beach
Nothing special....just a chair on a
crowded beach.  A Welcome drink and a
nice lunch. The highlight was time alone
reading my book