Family Travels
St Thomas
We made two snorkel stops...the best part was zooming
through the water and jumping the waves
Dates Visited --
2003, Dec 2005, 2007
We were having a picnic on the boat...and throwing
Pringles over the side for the little fishes....then we
saw this dark shadow circling the boat  At first we
thought it was a shark...then we realized it was just
a five foot barracuda
We rented a Powerboat through
and had a great time in St.Thomas and
St. John's snorkeling and swimming or
stopping at a beach we liked.
Captain Dad
and his two little girls
Our family has been to St. Thomas three times

In 2003, we cruised with three other families and
shared  a powerboat for a snorkeling excursion.

In 2005 we traveled alone and rented a boat for the day
through  We have a wonderful time.
The only problem is the $45 one way taxi ride
to the marina.
However, once there the operator was wonderful.
We bought picnic supplies at the local marina.

We so enjoyed the adventure, we decided to book the
same boat rental during our third trip to the island.
However, the water was too rough due to winds so we
took the ferry and spent a day on St. Johns exploring
private beaches
2005--This is Mom's favorite photo---it hangs
on my refrigerator
Even when things go can be perfect.
In 2007, Our shore excursion booking the private
boat was we took the ferry to St.
Johns and took the local bus to the beach
Amanda's First Time Snorkeling
Age 6
7-night Caribbean Cruise 2007
The best place for braids.
Walk through the shops of
the port straight back, Cross
the main road.....Enter the
liquor store....go all the way
to the back and ask for
Joyce.  If Joyce is not there,
the other ladies are good.

We have had braids done
here four times.