Family Travels
Schilthorn & Jungfrau
Chateau Chillon
Alsace, France
For a small little country, Switzerland is a diverse
cultural experience. Western Switzerland is heavily
influenced by German food, language and culture.  
Eastern Switzerland (Brock, Gruyere, Moelson,
Chillon) are definitely French in nature.
Bern is cosmopolitan with an old town flair
The Alps are experience not to be missed.
We spent a full seven days exploring this country.

We started our adventures, home-basing in Lindau
Germany--we day tripped into the Appenzell region
of Switzerland.  It rained the whole there
are few pictures....but we loved this area.
The kids still remember the "Three 'C'
Day"--Castles, Chocolate and Cheese.

We then ventured into the Swiss Alps for the
highlight of our second European Trip.  We cannot
recommend the Lauterbrunned Valley enough....and
especially Walter's chalet.

We left the Alps and headed to Bern. A fun town to
explore...leave some time for a picnic and swim at
the public baths by the river.

Chateau Chillon is one of the coolest castles we
have ever visited....and we have seen alot.
Don't miss this one.
Then head into the villages of eastern Switzerland.
The kids still remember the "Three 'C'
Day"--Castles, Chocolate and Cheese.

Travelling with Kids??
Don't Miss these Highlights

Folklore Museum in Ursnasch
Fondue at Appenzell Cheese Factory

Stay in Gimmelwald--Walter's
Sledding in the Alps--Jungfrau
Lauterbrunnen Valley Hike
Breakfast at the Schilthorn

Chateau Chillon
Moelson--Fondue and Luge Rides
Brock--Chocolate Factory