Family Travels
Again, we booked a Shoretrips excursion.
A Jeep Safari out into the wild interior of the
island.  It was and rainy...really, really rainy...and
muddy...but the mud made it more fun!

The excursions was intense....not moderate.
You should be in good physical
was especially challenging in the rain, slippery
mud, and rising river water.
Date Last Visited -- 2009
Ah....where is the path?
And What is a Caymen?....
and Do we REALLY want to find one?
A 45 minute hike in the pouring rain to see a
muddy stream and waterfall.
I've seen a ton of waterfalls...this was not
worth the effort or time.
I guess I am not the "Safari" type of girl

The road less traveled.