Family Travels
Trip Itineraries
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We Wish to Share with You our
Travel Adventures.

Most of this website is organized by
Destination...but to put the pieces of the
puzzle together. This page will list trips we
have taken and include the itinerary and
overall summary of highlights, foods to
taste, new adventures to try and how we
travel, in other words,
how we connected the dots.  

It will also include "Lessons
Learned" advice based on
mistakes we have made and new
discoveries for easy travel.

Although we don't encourage you to follow
the same itinerary, rather follow your own
heart....the info provided can help you
realistically plan how much time to devote
to town or city, the sightseeing and how to
plan how much time to stay in each
destination and more importantly, how to
plan travel to your next destination

We also enjoy taking cruise vacations as a
family.  The kids love cruising and very
much enjoy the kid's programs and making
new friends.  We usually do a cruise for
Spring Break.  But as our children grew up
and it became harder to align middle
school, high school, and college vacations
times.....we have become creative in
taking cruises at Christmas and even in
the Summer in combination with our
normal vacation trips.   

Mom has a greater opportunity to cruise,
as she cruises once a year with a group of

The only cruise trip itineraries listed here
are "family" vacations...however, the port
destinations will sometimes have reviews
of shore excursion information from all
visits to that port.

More information will be posted soon on a
new page devoted to Cruise Travel....that
will include packing ideas and shore
excursion options.