Family Travels
The United States
We so enjoy traveling to Europe and Cruising the Caribbean, we
have done very little travel inside the United States.

Darlene (mom) traveled extensively as a teenager, camping
across the United States on month long camping/travel trips with
her family in the backseat of a station wagon, pulling a mid-size
camper.  She eventually visited all fifty continental states (except
Michigan due to a tornado in Wisconsin--long story)

Our children do need to explore the United States as a travel
destination.....give us some time.
Few people know that you can book cruise shore    
excursion with other operators than the cruise line.

We use Shoretrips and have had incredible adventures.

          Top Five Excursions
1.  Best of Barbados Tour--Caving, Wildlife Preserve,   
Beach and Snorkeling with the Sea Turtles

2.  St. Thomas--Renting our own powerboat....Gave us   
freedom to go what we want

3.  Aruba--Horseback Riding and Snorkel
What made this so great was that it was Mom and the        
three a private group with our guide Monique.

4.  Xcerat--Cozumel is an ecological archeaological park   
     with Mayan ruins, aquariums, a lazy river with    
snorkeling, beaches and lagoons

5.  Sailing in Antigua....The is THE island for sailing and   
         Favorite Islands

           1.  Antigua
           2.  Barbados
           3.  Grenada
           4. Puerto Rico
           5.  St. Maarten
               Don't bother with

         1.  Casa de Campo
         2.  Bahamas