Family Travels
Ok...we figured everyone needs to visit's just one of those tourist spots you
need to see.

However, we were not ready to
fall in love with truly is a special place.

You may not feel the same if you have visited
Venice by bus trip or by cruise boat....You need
to stay in Venice...stroll the streets at
the little alleys by day and
find the magic that is there.
The Rialto Bridge
San Marco Square
Make sure you spend an
evening at San Marco
Square listening to the music.
Scala Contarini del Bovolo
Venice's non-leaning
Tower of Pisa
Not pictured
At the other end of San Marco's
Square is the Correr
Museum--Canova's statues,
Bellini's painting...and lots of
Venetian Art
Venice offers a Museum Pass--a very good deal if you
want to see it all
Doges Palace, Correr Museum, and  Murano's Glass
museum and Burano's Lace Museum
Scuola San Rocco and Friari Church
San Rocco offers some of the best of Venetian
art....called Tintoretto's Sistine Chapel--a great
audioguide is included with admission.
View from INSIDE the Bridge of Sighs
Take a cruise on the Grand Canal
Use Venice's awesome water transportation
Take a ride on water bus #1 or #82 and enjoy

The Orange Card...(includes the Museum
Pass mentioned above...and includes
unlimited travel
St. Marco Basilica
and the Doges Palace
Strict dress shorts and no
bare shoulders...plan ahead
Venice offers a Museum Pass--a very good deal if you
want to see it all
Doges Palace, Correr Museum, and  Murano's Glass
museum and Burano's Lace Museum and more
Of need to
take a Gondola Ride.

Negotiate (er...haggle) a
firm price before getting
in the gondola
Locanda Novo Venezia
just off Campo dei S.S. Apostoli Sq

This cute little B&B is ran by
Claudio and Ivan who gives great
suggestions and brings breakfast
to your room

We have stayed here twice.
In the Family room available
at the top of steep staircase

From Campo dei SS Apostole head
down Salizada del Pistor,
take first right on
Calle dei Preti to #4529
Tel. 041-241-1496
Venice at night was beautiful...
everything was lit up along the
canals and the reflections
bounced off the still water.
     Erica, age 15
Warning....Italians love blondes
...well actually all women.
Erica had two marriage proposals and a
rose from an admirer....she was  only 15.
I remember feeding the pigeons in
Venice.  I was scared so I would just
drop the food.  I like chasing after the
pigeons better than feeding them.
                              Amanda, age 9
Travel Alert!!!!
We have been extremely lucky in our family travels and have
had only a few mishaps.
Of course, we have a story to tell.

If you are staying in Venice, the night before confirmed
traveling plans (especially before a early morning start home
on an international flight)

You need to be aware that the canals of Venice are just like
the roads of the USA....subject to travel delays and

We awoke at 4:00 and left by 4:30 to find a water taxi on the
Grand Canal....ONLY to discover that the
due to bridge construction.  Of course, there are no signs or
notices...but we figured out after 30 minutes of waiting that
we needed a plan B quick

With the clock ticking, We took trusty Water Bus #1 to the bus
station to grab a taxi...only NO TAXIS in sight.
There is a phone.  
You can call for a cab....and wait and wait and wait.
When the cab only would take only four
passengers.  We are a family of Five!

We are starting to panic  We need a Plan C quick
...and we almost missed the 7:00 bus to the airport.
So many other stranded passengers....standing room only
with all of our luggage.
We finally made it to the airport with only 40 minutes to spare
for an international flight.

By the grace of God, we made it through check-in, passport
control and security with 5 minutes before flight time.  We
gave ourselves four hours....and needed every minute

Moral of the story...don't assume you can always grab a
taxi....have a back up plan.
Even if it is a water taxi in Venice.
Ask your hotel or B&B owner for latest info and advice.
One of Mom's major regrets was not indulging in
buying Venetian glass jewelry on our first trip.  We
went back to Venice with shopping in mind.

OK...we found OUR jewelry store
Segreti Veneziani
On the top of Rialto Bridge

We had a great time shopping.  Cash in hand, we
asked for and received a cash discount.
Helpful, friendly, willing to bargain, and designing
and altering jewelry sizes and clasps on the spot

We had so much fun...we shopped there three times
Rick Steves talks a lot about Venetian
Cichetti in his guide we
decided to try it.  It is like a happy hour,
appetizer bar.  You have to be brave and
act like a local...if you don't know the
words...simple point and ask for un etto
(or 100 grams) or du etti (200 grams) or
order by the piece.  Take you goodies
and grab a glass of wine and enjoy.
Waiting on the
floating dock for our
water bus to San
Marco Square
Dates Visited -- 2004, 2007
Everywhere you look...there is a
perfect photo waiting to happen