*** Our family on top of the world--Schilthorn, Swiss Alps 2002
*** Our family at Mont Saint Michelle, France 2002
*** Our family taking a gondola ride, Venice, Italy 2004
*** The kids in front of Chateau Chillon, Switzerland--2002
*** The kids during a cruise to St. Lucia--2006
*** Our family at Momma Mia in London--2006
*** Our family at Stonehenge - 2006
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Family Travels Home Page

We have always been an adventurous family.  From east
coast trips with young children to world wide adventures
...we love to travel.

Many of our family and friends cannot imagine
themselves visiting the places we have been.
We cannot imagine it any other way.

In this site we share some of the places, adventures,
itineraries and lessons learned from our travels.  If you
see something you like or have some experiences of
your own to share, drop us an email.

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