Family Travels
The United Kingdom
In 2006, we took a trip to the-- U.K.
England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

We were, so cold...even in August.
We have been told that it was a weather fluke....
but we say...bring sweaters, long pants and a few jackets...
Leave the shorts, tank tops, capris and sandals at home.
We did not use half of our suitcase.
If you look closely at the pictures...we are wearing
the same outfit every day!

Otherwise....we love the four countries.

We spend four days in London and saw all of the sights.
We took a bus trip out of town and visited Windsor Castle
and Stonehenge.
We home-based in Bath and loved exploring that town.
We spend two days in the English countryside

We fell in love with Wales.  It is such a beautiful country.
Sheep everywhere. Mountain vistas, cool castles, and
local villages with their festivals

We drove to Edinburgh Scotland.
Our trip coincided with the Edinburgh Festival.
We had a ball exploring the city, soaking up the culture,
and the highlight of the trip (and maybe any trip)
We attended the Military Tattoo viewing
hundreds of bagpipers and drummers
with the floodlit castle serving as backdrop

From Scotland, we flew to Ireland and spent
four days in Dublin and then rented a car to
head out into the countryside...and the Dingle Pennisula
Date Last Visited -- 2006
Stonehenge, England
Military Tattoo, Edinburgh, Scotland
Dingle Peninsula, Ireland
Caernarfon, Wales
Connecting Great Britain to Ireland

There are several options...

Ferries cross from Holyread, Wales; Liverpool,
England; Stranraer, Scotland

We chose to fly from Edinburgh, Scotland to
Dublin Ireland

(We found incredibly cheap flights--
$1.99 pound per person plus taxes and fees
The trip cost us $125.00 American dollars total
for five people one way